Why Share Culture?

Wondering what the culture is really like at your company? We are not a gripe-fest focused entity, and we do not care to compare and contrast perks, benefits, and salaries; we are simply surveying startups in an effort to offer a fresh perspective on analyzing, defining, and sharing startup culture and seeing how we can aim to improve the overall experience.

What mission and values does your company embody?

Why does this help you achieve your goals?

What’s the environment like and how does it inspire the team?

At Kulturenvy we want to change the status quo on culture and prompt conversations worth acting upon. If you share your culture it will help others learn why you deem the company worthy of getting out of bed each day and why you work to sustain the company’s values, aspirations, and existence. If you learn about why another company focuses on a particular cultural practice, you can relay such cultural aspects for adoption within your own company. Kulturenvy is the place where people share and learn about startup culture.