What is startup culture?

For the purposes of Kulturenvy, startup culture is defined as a shared set of values, practices, behaviors, and beliefs that manifest at companies in the startup environment or have outgrown the startup moniker but are striving to maintain the high impact, high energy and cohesion of a growing team.

Why are you asking people to share their startup culture?

At Kulturenvy we’re interested in the ways that startups communicate their identity, develop their strategy for growth, and focus on relationships. The more people who participate in the survey, the more access everyone will have to ideas about where startups are headed. We work with companies to enhance their cultural strategy while raising awareness about the social and economic impact of our evolving workplace culture.

How does this work?

After an initial discussion with the founder and/or the leadership team driving culture, your team shares their startup culture experience by completing our brief and anonymous survey. Based on your needs, we create an individualized report summarizing the results and providing you with a plan of action to address current and foreseeable challenges, a comparison* to other startup cultures and how you’ve changed since the last survey.

*Based on availability

Why is it important to measure startup culture?

Organizational culture has been studied for decades; however, startup culture is a whole new animal, ripe for observation! Startups are quick to adapt, develop faster than other companies, and can’t afford to ignore the folks on their team. Knowing where your startup stands can help boost your competitive advantage. This goes beyond simply creating a fun atmosphere and promoting happiness.

Do you collect any personal information about me?

We do not collect any personal information about you and in return we provide a space for honest feedback.

Can I request you guys to survey another startup’s culture?

Of course! We LOVE getting requests and startups are excited to be part of this!

Once I fill out the survey, when will my feedback be shared?

It depends on how many people from the company have completed the survey.