About Kulturenvy

Kulturenvy logo for biz card ZazzleYou founded a company. You hired a team. You grew. Somewhere along the way, you lost a part of your startup culture. With a headcount you can count on both hands, there’s an ease in building trust and communicating your values. With growth, culture is often left behind. It’s beginning to cause problems elsewhere.

Dream of inspiring a robust culture? The most common problems within a high-growth startup culture are related to communicating your identity, articulating your strategy for growth, and reflecting on the functions and aspects of your relationships. Kulturenvy has performed extensive research exclusively targeting the startup environment and couples this expertise with the data we collect from you to formulate an individualized, concise plan of action that will help you achieve greater culture competence throughout your entire team.

At Kulturenvy, we are enhancing the cultural strategy of individual companies while raising awareness about the social and economic impact of our evolving workplace culture. With the help of innovators and technology, we’ve witnessed some remarkable advances in recent decades, but the movement toward making the workplace work for us is only beginning. Participate. Adapt. Thrive.