We analyze workplace culture to help startups make better business decisions


Improve communication and relationships


Attract and retain the right talent


Refine branding to acquire more of the right clients


Sustain the culture as you grow and mature

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We take an individualized approach when it comes to measuring, evaluating, and analyzing your startup culture. Here is how we work:

Step 1

We get together with the founder(s) and the team responsible for driving the culture and ask about the culture from leadership's perspective.

Step 2

We distribute the survey link, which consists of about 20 questions. The process spans about a 4-week turnaround from the initial survey distribution to the delivery of the culture analysis report.

Step 3

We analyze the data from the survey and our interviews to produce an actionable, detailed report of our findings. We meet again with the founder(s) and the support team to review the report. We repeat the process annually to gauge progress.


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